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The PanDEMONium Project was once a project run by a respected
bio-engineering company. Their face to the public claimed that they were
doing research for the greater good. What everyone didn’t know is that
their underground facilities were hiding terrible human experimentation.
Many lives were lost in the search for the cure for “inner evil.”
Research specimens became too strong, inhuman, as experiments
progressed and soon they overpowered the workers themselves,
breaking loose and mauling everyone they could find.

If you go through the abandoned PanDEMONium Project laboratories,
you will encounter vengeful monsters of all shapes and sizes
as you struggle to find your way back out..

Can you face the demon within?

You will experience terror up close and personal!
The PanDEMONium Project is a no holds barred,
high-action haunt not intended for
small children or people with heart conditions.

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